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I began creating Photoshop actions after a year into my wedding photography business. I love the thrill of creating art with my photos while playing in Photoshop, and I discovered that creating Photoshop actions was a creative outlet I desperately needed. Since then, I have hosted online editing webinars, showing others how to use Photoshop with my actions, and giving beginning photographers the encouragement to present their own style within their edits. 

Whether you're a novice, a professional, or a hobbyist, I hope you enjoy using my Photoshop actions while working on your art of photography. Feel free to visit my YouTube channel for editing tutorials, and please feel free to send me befores and afters of your work! I love seeing what others come up with!


the literature collection

coming soon!

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Includes two FREE actions, both bold and colorful.

the freebies collection

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A playful set full of beautiful sunrises, sunsets, falling snow, and fairy dust overlays.

the overlays collection

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A necessary collection for portrait photography. Includes skin smoothing and more.

the ciao bella collection

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Inspired by the four seasons. this collection has a variety of colors, depth, and brushes.

the four seasons collection

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The perfect base collection, filled with bold, pastel, matte, and black & white edits.

the felicty collection

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